Brew at the Zoo

Just Another Thursday Night

One of the things on my wish list when we moved to DC was I wanted to live near the Zoo. I wanted to be able to walk through the zoo whenever I wanted and possibly even hear the animals during the day. I was so excited when we finally found our apartment just up the road from the National Zoo. You guys, I can even hear the Lions Roar when we take Boo for a walk. It is a dream come true.

Well I like animals and Andy likes beer so when you put the two together you get one fun Thursday night for the Cassedays. Brew at the Zoo. We walked down to the Zoo about 6 pm and it was a perfect balmy 80 degrees. Maybe a little hotter than we would have liked but it was fun just the same. You can totally see my frizzy hair in the picture!

If your Zoo hosts one of these nights and you get a chance to go, definitely go! It’s worth it.

Brewatthezoo2 Brewatthezoo4

There were over 60 breweries, lots of food and the Big Cats were playing. It was one of the best nights we have had in DC this summer. We even ran into some fellow Colorado Rockies Fans. Check out our adventure!

BrewattheZoo1 Brewatthezoo3 brewatthezoo5 Brewatthezoo6

Please excuse my photos. We didn’t take the nice camera because of the torrential rains we have been having, so we had to settle for a point and shoot!


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