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Boo and Scout Store Ideas

Boo&Scout Store Ideas


Boo and Scout Store Ideas

Thank you guys for all your help in deciding a Logo and for supporting my dream! I was so overwhelmed by all the support I received. If you have no idea what I am talking about… check out post about Boo & Scout here!

It was terrifying to share, but I am so excited now. I showed a little sneak peek about what I want to offer in my store, but I want to share a little bit more about my vision. I have such a love and passion for all things handmade and crafted by talented artists. You can find so many of the same corporate made items in boutiques and stores, but most of them aren’t unique and they don’t come with a story behind them. When an item is crafted by hands with a heart and passion behind it, you know it’s special. It has meaning!

I want to share these special items in my store. Boo & Scout will be a specially curated shop where you can find amazingly created and unique pieces or home decor, clothing, beauty products and more.

Even though I have a long way to go, I am always needing good ideas for shop inventory, so if you have a great idea, let me know!

Each of the above items in the graphic below are items that you will be able to find in Boo & Scout. My favorite at the moment is the Vinyl Heart Wallpaper! Isn’t that amazing? You can now have temporary wallpaper and it’s soooo cute! I also love the graphic tee. This is so me. I would read all night!

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