best baby buys

best baby buys

Hey there mamas, soon to be mamas, and mamas maybe on their second and third round… I have a post just for you! Now I completely understand being a first time mama, I don’t really have a leg to stand on BUT I was given and bought some of the most amazing items for our baby turned now into a toddler and they have made our lives so much easier. I have to share them with you so that maybe your life may be a bit less chaotic… you know, just a bit. If you have a favorite too, let me know what it is, I’m always looking for new things to make our lives easier.

  1. Baby Bum Brush: This was/is life changing for us. We were given this at a shower and now I give it to all my friends who are new mamas. This silicone spatula helps put diaper cream on without getting it on your hands AND it wipes clean with a baby wipe. My favorite part is the suction cup on the bottom which allows us to stick it to the dresser so nothing gets diaper cream on it. I also suction it to the inside of the drawer when I’m not using it.

2. Amber Teething Necklace: Again, changed our lives. I’m not one to believe in weird jewelry to heal things but holy smokes, I’m a believer now. We never seemed to have the crazy teething issues. He never woke up from teething, rarely ever had a fever, and he didn’t ever seem to be cranky unless it was right about to break through. It was amazing.

3. EzPz Mini Mat: This little guy is probably my favorite these days in toddler land because we use it every day! We take it with us everywhere. It sticks to hard surfaces, cleans super easy, and it won’t break when he tries to throw it. If you have a toddler that likes to pick up their plate and toss it on the ground like their at a Greek Wedding… this mat is for you!

4. Lucy Darling’s Baby Books: These baby books are stunningly beautiful and so simple. I knew when our baby boy was born I wanted to record everything but who’s got the time? These books are the perfect blend of style and simplicity where all you do is fill in the blanks on most pages. It didn’t take me hours and I almost always filled it out during an episode of The Great British Baking Show.


5. Modern Burlap Swaddles: Ok, so I know everyone has their favorite go to swaddles but I have to tell you, as a mama who wants style with comfort, Modern Burlap makes the best, hands down swaddles. They are perfect for the age old swaddle and they pretty. Not just pretty, but pretty cool too! I mean we have a swaddle with batman and one with skulls on it. Enough said. This one has my favorite verse on it, Jeremiah 29:11.

6. The Keekaroo Diaper Pad: Ok mama to boys. This one’s for you! The Keekaroo diaper pad is wipeable. Do you catch my drift? If your little one pees when you are changing a diaper, all you do is take a baby wipe and clean it up. You don’t have to worry about changing a cover! It’s also very stylish… added bonus.

7. A Noise Machine: Ours just happens to look like a darling stuffed lamb. See the picture above… This lambie has saved our lives more than once because it blocks out so much outside noise. And now when he wakes up in the morning, he plays with lambie and keeps him self occupied and mama can keep curling her hair because she woke up late.

8. Graco SwiviSeat High Chair: We have a small kitchen space when it comes to dining so we need a more compact high chair. This one straps to our chairs and swivels when we need it. And again doesn’t look too shabby from a design point of view. Also note that my son is eating his yogurt with a shovel. A SHOVEL. Who is even watching this kid?

9. DockATot: This.One.Is.EVERYTHING. I firmly believe that this magic item helped our little one start sleeping through the night by month 3. The DockATot mirrors the mother’s arms as if she is holding the baby. I don’t know how it does it, but it’s magic. Definitely worth the investment a hundred times over!

10. Ubbi Diaper Pail:┬áIf you were to ask me out of all these items, which one to get, this would be it. This diaper pail doesn’t stink. It’s amazing, and you don’t need special liners. We use our regular trash bags for it and when we no longer need it as a diaper pail, it looks like a regular trash so we will use it somewhere else in the house.

So my mama friends, these are my top picks. Again, I’d love to hear yours! Especially for the toddler years!

Love you, Em

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