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Ballin on a Budget Y’all

Who doesn’t love a good sale? Come on. Anyone? Seriously, finding a good sale to me is like realizing it’s Girl Scout Cookie Season, or finding out that your favorite show has a new episode or that you found that Easter Egg that has the money in it inside instead of jellybeans. And when you are on a budget, it’s like heavens open up and the sunshines upon you, and when it’s one of your absolutely favorite stores, it’s like this…

It’s even more fun to share when a sale comes because we girls on a budget have to stick together. We are young, we love fashion, we love to share and we are poor.

One of my favorite ways to shop is online. No muss, no fuss. One stop shopping and you can do it in your pjs. Most stores even offer exclusive online discounts and when you sign up to get their emails, you can usually get an extra discount on your first order. Stores like Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, J.Crew, C. Wonder and Kate Spade are constantly having sales and offer great discounts to their online pj shoppers like myself. I have found some amazing deals and have saved quite a bit of money on new cloths for the Fall and who doesn’t love getting a new purse?

Well this morning, when I checked my email, low and behold, my girl Kate Spade had sent me a little gem of an email. I knew I had to share! It’s the type of sale that you just can’t hold to yourself. I’m talking 75% off online only and it only lasts two days. If you have never shopped at Kate, now is a great time and if you sign up for their emails, you get 15% off your first order and you get emails of these secret sales!

In order to get you pumped up, I have picked out a few of my favorite pieces. Now get to shopping! Don’t forget to spread the word, it’s time to be ballin on a budget y’all!

Untitled 31. Carlisle Street Piper / 2. Southport Avenue Linda – My favorite! / 3. Wellesley Patent Striped Rachelle / 4. Wordsmith Dictionary Clutch / 5. Cluster Studs / 6. Small Henrietta Make-up Case /     7. Wellesley Tanner / 8. “Arm Candy” Bangle / 9. “All the Trimmings” Bangle / 10. Carlisle Street Miles / 11. Mikas Pond Lacey / 12. Wellesley Neda Wallet / 13. Southport Avenue Aurelia

Happy shopping! Just remember to take frequent breaks and stay dehydrated. It can be rough out there. If you don’t, you day might end up like this…

*I did not make these fun Gifs… but o I wish I made this last one!

Love and Hope, Em

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