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    woman: a masterpiece

    woman: a masterpiece Friend. Sweet friend. I don’t know if you read an article circulating around Facebook about women lately, but it was infuriating. It stated that men only want to date and eventually marry debt free, virginal women with no tattoos. Infuriating didn’t actually…

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  • Giveaways!

    a fun little surprise for you

    a fun little surprise Picture by the amazing Cassie Rosch Hey you. Yes, you. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for sticking with me; for reading these posts these past couple of weeks. It’s been tough getting back into the swing of…

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  • Get it Girl, Life

    my favorite summer reads

    my favorite summer reads All right friends. How many of these blog posts have you read about people’s favorite summer reads? I bet you are tired of reading them and probably don’t want to read another book but… these books are quick reads and are…

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  • Like a Boss

    the creative collective

    the creative collective Hey sweet lady friends. I have something pretty special to share. A dear friend of mine and I have started a group on Facebook for Creative Lady Bosses.…

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    what i’m lovin’: july

    what i’m lovin’: july edition 1. This recipe for Low Carb Tzatziki Sauce from Hayley’s blog, Health Starts in the Kitchen. I have eaten if every day for the past week. On lamb burgers, a tortilla, and celery. I can’t stop. And guys, it’s keto…

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    best baby buys

    best baby buys Hey there mamas, soon to be mamas, and mamas maybe on their second and third round… I have a post just for you! Now I completely understand being a first time mama, I don’t really have a leg to stand on BUT…

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  • Design and Inspired, Make it Girl-DIY!

    simple scrapbooking

    simple scrapbooking Hey busy mamas or those of you who love your animals, travels, hobbies, life, and you want to document it but don’t know how, or where to start, or the idea of scrapbooking just makes your stomach turn. I have found one of…

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