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  • So Stylish

    The Kate Spade Surprise Sale

    The Kate Spade Surprise Sale Y’all. You have 3 days left to snag one of these amazing pieces and more from my favorite designer, Kate Spade. They have a fun surprise sale going on right now where so many things are 75% off. These are…

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  • Design and Inspired

    a new dream

    a new dream Hey sweet friends! Thank you again for joining me here… I have something new and fun to announce. For awhile I have felt that Blush, while it is amazing, incredible and really all my dreams wrapped into one but, isn’t “it”. I…

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  • Life, Like a Boss

    the WE podcast

    The WE Podcast You guys! Have you ever meet someone who just loved you for who you were and embraced your story? Someone who lifted you up despite all the self-doubt and craziness? Someone who you JUST met, but they already support you because they…

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  • Giveaways!, Like a Boss

    queenwood designs + giveaway

    queenwood designs + giveaway Hey sweet friends. I have such a treat for you today! I recently got to meet another pretty amazing lady boss who owns a business up here in Northern Colorado.¬† Meghan Queen owns Queenwood Designs¬†where she makes custom wooden signs AND…

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  • Life

    our 2018 summer to-do list

    our 2018 summer to do list At the beginning of this summer, Andy and I made a list of all the things we wanted to do while we had warm weather, lots of light, and miles of Colorado sky above us.…

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  • Faith and Hope, Freebies

    when you feel down

    when you feel down Hey sweet sisters. Some days are hard. Some days are really, really hard. The difference between having a horrible day and making it through, can just be the matter of reading some encouraging words. At Blush, the little boutique I own,…

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  • Adventures, Life

    life lessons learned at disney

    life lessons learned at disney I have a confession to make. Andy and I have fallen in love… with Disney. Now you may think we have loved Disney all along, but the fact is we really only started to find the magic this year. We…

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  • Handmade, Life

    my favorite local girl bosses

    my favorite local girl bosses I have had the honor of becoming a business owner over the past couple of years. Not just a business owner, but a Girl Boss. Someone who worked so hard to accomplish her dreams because she couldn’t live in the…

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