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august favorites

august favorites

I can’t believe August is almost over. I feel like it just was the 4th of July and now here we are staring down fall, which I am not opposed to, but oh my goodness. How the time flies….

I don’t know about your August but mine as been so full. Full of life, and schedule, and business… but most of all full of finds. Here are my favorites from this month.

Treat: Lately I have been having a cup of coffee late at night while Andy eats his nightly ice cream. NoCo Coffee is just the best coffee out there and hits the “sweet spot” without being too much.

Record: This band came on my Spotify station the other day and I can’t stop listening to them. If you need a new band to listen to, I highly recommend them.

Verse: Psalm 42:7. One of my favorite verses of what I imagine God’s love to really feel like.

Outfit: This dress is stunningly beautiful and one of my favorite colors for fall. We have it in Blush and I want to wear it everyday.

Site: Ok. So I know you have heard of Amazon, but have you been to Amazon Home yet? Oh. My-Lanta. Get ready to want to re-do your whole house, it’s an interior designers dream over there.

Find: I have an everlasting love for the movie You’ve Got Mail. If you have never seen the movie, the main lead, Meg Ryan,  is a little book shop owner. I have resonated with her so often since her email name was ShopGirl. Now I want this tee and everything else to have “ShopGirl” on it!

Random: If you are woman, and love romance, and history, and British Accents, and all of that, you NEED to watch this movie on Netflix. I read the book a few months ago and the movie is just even better. Stop reading this and go watch.

What are you loving this month?

Love you all, Em


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