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At Home with Flourish and Hope: The Master Bedroom

At Home with Flourish and Hope: The Master Bedroom

By far one of my favorite rooms in our house is our bedroom. It just has this inviting feel to it that makes me want to snuggle in and read a book on rainy afternoons or just bask in the sunlight with the Tron (our cat). I had so much fun decorating this room because most of our decorations in this room are handmade or very sentimental pieces from our life. Andy really only had requirement and asked for it to not be super girly… I think we did a pretty good job, his side is very manly and stark, while mine is pretty much jewelry, perfume, color, and lots of pictures.

Some of my favorite pieces are:

  • The pictures of the women in my family, My nana, Mama, Maman, and my birth mom.
  • The Great Commission in Chinese that my cousin had made for us in China.
  • My ring holder from Andy, it’s pretty unconventional but I LOVE it. It’s very me.
  • The Leather Bound edition of my favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • The hand carved black onyx skull
  • The wooden picture of Andy and I from my brother and his girlfriend.
  • The wool wall tapestry. My one and only attempt at this, but I love how it turned out.

Thanks for stopping by… and in case your wondering… the fireplace is beautiful but we can’t figure out how to work it ;)…

xoxo- Em

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