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At Home with Flourish and Hope: The Entry Way

At Home with Flourish and Hope: The Entry Way

Hey sweet friends! Today I am sharing just a very small room in our house but just as special because it is the very first room you see when you come into our sweet house. I have tried to make is personal, stylish, and as always full of white ;).

Welcome to our entry way.

I have shared the before and after of our lovely door here, but some things have changed since then. We added a new lock, a fun new black and white rug that fit the space bigger, and above the door, one of my favorite pieces, a gold shamrock. This shamrock hung above Andy’s grandparent’s front door for as long as he could remember. When they both passed away, it the one thing we wanted to take with us, not only because of our love of Ireland, but because it reminds us of our special our families are!

And of course we have our Ireland love spreading into the art, my DIYed Ireland String Art and Irish Welcome: Cead Mile Failte. Not to mention the most glamorous piece of art we own that my mama made, the ever needed “Please Don’t Ring” sign. I feel like all you mama’s know exactly what I’m talking about!

This space is also where I have a lot of our photos and artwork. When Andy and I travel or live somewhere, our favorite thing to do is collect art from those places. This is also where we like to showcase our family.

Some of our favorite pieces are this hand drawn heart from a very talented local artist, Armando Silva; if you haven’t heard of him or seen his work, you NEED to check him out!

And this watercolor of the neighborhood we lived in, in DC. It is such a neat peace and I love remembering it every time I walk past it.

But my favorite piece of “art” right now in our entry way is this amazing, handmade calendar that my dad created so that Noah could understand who he sees on what day of the week. He loves it… and when he walks by it, he will wave hello to whomever is showing ;).

And finally our little bride and groom we bought on our last trip to Mexico.

But my favorite part of our entry way, is our polka dot wall… it’s the first thing you see when you walk in and it always makes me smile!

Thanks again for coming a long on the tour. Next time I hope you actually come through my front door instead of this virtual one because I love a good chat with coffee on the couch. Just don’t be upset if my couch has dog hair on it.

love you all, Em

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