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Our Neck of the Woods: Adams Morgan

I mentioned in this post here that we moved to DC about 9 months ago. Even with all the bumps and turns along the way, and there have been many, we generally love DC especially our neighborhood. What is so cool about where we live, is that when we began searching for a place to live, we prayed over very specific things. We knew what our needs were and we also knew that God would provide. It is so fun to watch Him work things out, even stuff as simple as needing a washer and dryer in our apartment building.

When we began the search, we knew first hand we needed a park close by for Boomer, our 4 year old puggle. He is precious to us and having a place for him to do his bid-ness wast important. We even went as far as to ask God for a dog park too so he could run around and play with other dogs. Boo grew up with a back yard so now living in a 675 sq. ft. apartment was going to be an adjustment. We also prayed for a neighborhood full of young families and people. We are social people and having a young demographic around us was a way for us to get out of our shell. We also needed a grocery store within walking distance, good restaurants (we love to eat out, come visit and we will take you to some of our favorites), a metro stop close by, and good parking. God knocked it out of the park when we discovered Adams Morgan. He even gave us some bonuses, including our bank right across the street next to a Starbucks (can I get an Amen?), a washer and dryer in our unit not just in the building, a bigger bathroom than what we had before, and a real working fireplace! Not to mention the wonderful historical looking buildings all around us (huge history nerd right here).What up God!

I had thanked God before when we moved in and on separate times before, for his blessings but on Thursday of last week, I decided to take a prayer walk around our neighborhood and really truly say thank you. I snapped a couple of pictures to share with you all. I hope you see the blessings too… also, we truly love visitors so know that this is an invitation to also come and see for yourself!

AroundTownCollageAroundParkCollageBooandAndyCollageAndy took these pictures of Boo. I just love them, especially his curly-q tail. Isn’t he precious? And I love this picture of Andy and Boo together. These boys are serious BFFs!

And now my favorite picture:


Has God answered your prayers in an amazing way lately?


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  1. Reply
    April 9, 2013 at 10:19 am

    You’re right! Now even more excited to check out your stomping grounds! Can’t wait!

    1. Reply
      emilie marian
      April 9, 2013 at 10:34 am

      Tessa, I am so excited to show you around and now with all the blooms out, it’s going to be gorgeous! So, excited for your visit.

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