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sister, sister: a sweet sister graduation photo shoot

April 12, 2016

Sweet Sister Graduation Photo Shoot


These girls or I should these women! Oh man. We had so much fun. We laughed, we joked, we let the wind blow in our hair, and we made awesome 90s references to Destiny’s Child matching outfits.

Both of these amazing women are graduating and moving on to crazy amazing things. It just made my heart sing to be a part of such a lovely day. If you have the pleasure of knowing these sweet souls, count yourself lucky. They are treasures and so full of love and laughter and Jesus! Oh sister, sister.

BlatFH1 BlatSis2 BlatSis3 BlatFH3 BlatSis6 BlatFH2 BlatSis5 BlatSis4 BlatSis7

BlatSis8 BlatSis9 BlatSis10 BlatSis11



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