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September 13, 2013

The past few days , no, really, weeks have been a blur. We are home from Disney World, where we spent an amazing 5 days as a family acting like children again. Look for that post to come soon. Now we are back home and the piles of laundry are beginning to look like one of those mountain roller-coasters without the fun attached. Yikes!

Before this epic family vacay happened, Andy and I had a little adventure of our own. The weekend of Labor Day, Andy called me on his way home from work on Friday. Our conversation went a little like this…

Andy, “I’m on my way home.”

Me, “Yay! What do you want to do tonight.”

Andy, “I don’t care. Anything, I guess. My boss left for Colorado.”

Me, “O man, really? I wish we were going home too.”

Andy, “Well then let’s go.”

Me, “Seriously, don’t play with my emotions.”

Andy, “I’m serious. Let’s go.”

Me, “Ahhh, ok, let me get off the phone, I’m gonna look up tickets.”

Andy, “Are we really doing this?”

Me, “You can’t go back on your word, I will never forgive you!” (all in jest of course, but seriously)

Andy, “Ok, I’m speeding home now!”


Cut to less than 24 hours later, Boo was dropped off with a friend, you can read more about his weekend adventure here (it was a little scarier than ours), Tron had tons of food and water and we were on an airplane at 5:30 am headed home to Colorado as a surprise for Andy’s family.

It was amazing! Andy’s sister, Courtney, picked us up from the airport and we soaked up some much needed time with our niece and nephew, Andy’s parents, his grandma and our old church family. We immediately felt the tug of home. The place we knew we were supposed to be. Those Rocky Mountains in the distance were calling to us. Cue in my Sound of Music moment…

As we spent those precious days in that sweet Colorado air, we both began to talk about moving home and what that meant. Our lease was up in June of next year and I had a job starting in DC later that month. Andy had a few projects he had to finish up at work and we could easily move next summer. Yes, that is what we were going to do. Move home next summer. It just felt right.

But then… seriously, out of now where, I was offered a job. An amazing job. One that I never imagined would be possible. One minute we were sharing our trials from the past year and then this “gift” was laid in my lap. Man, when God delivers, he truly delivers.

Andy and I went to bed that night a little different from the night before, trust me, if you haven’t read about Boo’s adventure, you need to. We knew lot’s of things had to fall into place for us to be able to move home sooner. I’m talking like move home in a month sooner, but we knew if God wanted us home, the things would just fit. It has been amazing to see this giant tower of Jenga pieces magically move into place to give us a foundation to move home.

1. Andy had to make sure he had a job here in Colorado. Sure enough, his company said he could transfer no problem! Huge prayer answered.

2. We needed a way to get out of our lease. We can, but we need to find new renters! Please pray for this!

3. I have to move home a month before Andy to start my job and we somehow have to get the animals home. Please pray for safe travels for Boo and Tron. Flying is never easy on animals.

3. Andy and I move at separate times. We don’t know how this will really work. Please pray that this will be seamless and no problems will arise.

So friends, this is truly happening. Andy and I are moving home. I move home at the end of this month and Andy moves home at the end of October. It is bittersweet because we are leaving many good friends, experiences, this cute little apartment, and an amazing church. But there is not doubt in my mind this is what God has planned for us. He has made this happen for us, and when He calls, we follow.

Even with the massive flooding and the wildfires, we can’t wait to be in our sweet square state and get some of Rocky Mountain Love. Your at 5, 280 feet, breath deep!




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12 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Love

  1. Mila Gates

    YAY! I’m so excited you’re coming back! We will definitely need to hang out once you get here, if you need any help with anything just holler!

  2. Nancy

    Oh, and did you design that adorable ‘Home Sweet Home’ Colorado thing? So clever! Reminds me of the one I’ve seen recently with the umbrella.


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