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my favorite thing about november: sweater weather

November 6, 2013

Ah. Colorado. How I have missed you. The frost on the windows, the chill in the air, seeing my breath, that first cup of hot coffee and bundling up. It’s time to bunker down and get ready for that snow. Let’s see if I am this happy in a few weeks… because with all these comes blizzards, freezing car seats, brown color everywhere… but until then. My favorite thing about November. Sweater Weather.

I love big chunky sweaters, patterns and bows. I’m sorry, I can’t get away from them.

Here are some of my favorites for this season. Here’s to getting warm!

SweaterWeather11. Bow Cardi | 2. Aztec Sweater | 3. Polka Dot Dream  | 4. Heart Elbows | 5. Geometric Love | 6. Bow Statement | 7. Color block | 8. Love Life


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