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July 5, 2013

Things have finally settled down since we have come back from our trip. We have found ourselves back into our routine and things are getting back to normal. Which means I have had time to edit our more “professional” photos (the ones taken with our serious camera, my Nikon D700). If you aren’t tired of our pictures I thought I would share a few more. If you ever get a chance to visit Greece, Italy or Turkey. Take it, you won’t regret it!

Taormina and Messina in Sicily, Italy

Messina3 Messina2 Messina4 Messina5 Messina6 Messina11 Messina10 Messina9 Messina7 Messina12 Messina13 Messina14 Messina15 Messina16 Messina8 Messina17 Messina18 Messina19 Messina20 Messina24 MessinaTrio MessinaBeach Messina30 Messina27

Athens, Greece and Ephesus, Turkey

Athens1 Athens2 Athens3 Athens8 Athens7 Athens5 Athens4 TurkeyDuo1
KittyTrio AthensTrio2 Turkey3 Turkey4 Turkey5 Turkey15 Turkey13 Turkey12 Turkey11 Turkey8 Turkey17 Turkey18 Turkey19 Turkey20 Turkey21


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