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July Favs

July 25, 2013

It’s amazing how in today’s fast paced world of technology you can still find sweet, authentic people! Through my former job at Umba Box, I came across this wonderful gal who is not only shares in my love of the creative, but has become a dear friend who is encouraging, sweet, talented, and has an amazing sense of style, fashion and interior design. You will want to check out her Pinterest Boards!

I’m so excited to announce that through this friendship we have decided to join up and collaborate on an amazing monthly feature. Each month we are going to share our favs with you all. Here is the really fun part, they are going to change each month. Some may be the same and some will change. We are even looking for more people to join forces with us (read below). So without further adieu, meet Madison, read a little about her and see our favs below!

She is adorable! Make sure you check her out here, here, here, & of course here!



julyfavesQuotes: Emilie’s / Madison’s

Recipes: Emilie’s / Madison’s

Finds: Emilie’s / Madison’s

Outfits: Emilie’s / Madison’s

Treats: Emilie’s / Madison’s

Songs: Emilie’s / Madison’s

Sites: Emilie’s / Madison’s

Randoms: Emilie’s / Madison’s

If you would love to join our cross blog favs features each month, just email us at or with a link to your blog and a little bit about you!

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2 thoughts on “July Favs

    1. emilie marian Post author

      Chelsea! We love your stuff! Especially your blue and white polka dot infinity scarf.


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