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mancub’s mancave

August 15, 2016

The Nursery


When I found out we were going to have a baby, the first thought was, “Yay! Another little Casseday!”, but I would be lying if my second thought wasn’t, “And…  new room to design!”

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why do these things happen?

March 5, 2014

I had a much different blog post in mind. Being back at it, I wanted to share some of the things I am loving and excited about for the new house.

But something else happened. Yesterday, I found out that something extremely tragic occurred to some of our oldest family friends. Friends that have been intertwined with our family for years. My heart just aches for them and the situation they are facing. Why do things like this happen?

As I spoke with her on the phone, I was at a total loss as to what to say. All I could think of was, “I’m praying, I’m praying so incredibly hard right now.” And that is what I did. I sat in my car and prayed. Even when I couldn’t think of the words to say, I just whispered, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus….please.

I don’t know why tragedy happens to those we love. I understand sin in our earthly word, but I don’t always understand why it happens to the ones we care so much about, especially the ones that are so helpless. But I do know one thing.

When all is lost. When our hearts ache. When we just can’t seem to go on. When there doesn’t seem to be an end to pain and hurt. When we feel so helpless. Prayer is power.

It doesn’t have to be big, mighty, eloquent, loud…

Just sometimes a whisper. His name is all that is needed.

Never stop saying it. There is power in his name. Even when the darkness seems so strong, there seems to be no hope, no breaking in the ache that binds your heart. But I promise He is there. He will come.

If you have a second, a minute, just a moment, will you please say a prayer for my friend and her family? Your prayers are sweet to His ears and powerful! So powerful. Thank you.


all that glitters

December 20, 2013

Lately, I have been obsessed with sequins and glitter. I’m not talking craft glitter that gets in your hair, carpet, eyes, food, etc… I’m talking about the glitz and glam that this time of year brings.

Sequins and glitter don’t have to be tacky like the you see on the dresses that Toddlers in Tiara’s sport. They can be lovely and so fun to sparkle up your space, your wardrobe, hair and more.

See my favorites for the season! All that glitters….

Untitled1. Sequined Sweatshirt– I’m loving this sweatshirt! Perfect for a snow day or for a date night!

2. Sequin Wrap Dress– On sale for $99! HURRY! This would be so cute for your Christmas Party.

3. Flash Bobbi Pins – Glitter with a dash of color. Yes Please!

4. Gold Polka Dot Wrapping Paper – Make an “entrance” with your gifts this year when wrapped in this paper.

5. Charm Heels – I just can’t speak…

6. Sequined Pillow – Make your space shine.

7. Sequined Wreath – I so wish we had a door that I could put this on. Seriously.

What has been your favorite glitter/sequined item this season?

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christmas every month

October 22, 2013

You guys. I’m about to share something incredibly embarrassing with you all.

I love mail. Ok, that isn’t the embarrassing part, but you need to understand that in order to get the context of the story I’m about to tell you.

When I was 7, I was walking to a friends house and stole mail out of mailbox. When I say I love mail, it’s kinda an understatement. Apparently I didn’t even care who’s it was. About 6 months went by and my dad confronted me after my friend’s mom found the mail under her bed. I had ditched it that day when I realized how a phone bill was just not that fun. My dad marched me up to that house and I had to apologize with tears down my face. I never stole mail again, and it’s a good thing because it’s a felony.

Moving on! I am now 20 years wiser but my love of mail is still just as strong! There is something about getting something in the mail. A sweet surprise of love and excitement.

Today I’m sharing some my favorite things to get in the mail and some I hope to see on my doorstep soon, it’s like Christmas every month! Get ready to get excited!


I think I have mentioned Blue Apron before but I just think it’s the coolest idea out there since sliced bread.

This company selects only the best fresh ingredients from around your area, comes up with healthy unique recipes and delivers both to your doorstep every week. You pay person and per meal and it’s cheaper than just eating out and a lot more fun. Plus, if you like the recipe, you have it forever. If you are looking to eat better, learn to cook or just spend some time at home, this is such a good way to do it. You can also opt out of weeks if you are going to be gone or busy. They also have a meal plan for the vegetarians out there and will be adding more diet-restricted plans for allergies soon.


Holy Moly ladies! If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix yet, I just have to tell you, you have been missing out. For those of you who love to shop and get mail, you will love this box.

Stitch Fix is like your own personal stylist who sends you 5 pieces of clothing and jewelry every month based on a style quiz you take when you sign up. You can choose to keep all the pieces or send them all back for free. You can even hold your Fix if you don’t want to “go shopping” that month.

I am constantly getting compliments on the clothes and jewelry that I receive from Stitch Fix. From dresses, sweaters, bracelets and necklaces, Stitch Fix just gets me. Just make sure you know what you are getting into. It is addicting.


Since going Gluten free, you can read more on that here and see my favorite gluten free products, I have had a lot of fun discovering new snacks and brands that cater solely to a gluten free lifestyle. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. I often just stand in the aisle looking like a dear lost in head lights.  So when I discovered GFreely, I got extremely excited.

GFreely sends a box full of snacks and food items every month along with recipes and tips on how to live gluten free. Takes a lot of the guess work out of it and I’m so game for this! And who doesn’t love receiving food in the mail?


I love paper and all things design. Yes, yes I do. Love it all. So do the people at Olive Box!

Olive Box sends a monthly box of paperie, books, stationery, temporary tattoos and more and are tailored to the time of year. A perfect way to send a gift or just spoil yourself. This box is mail that encourages your to send snail mail. Be still my heart!

Is there something you are receiving monthly? Please do share!

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What’s On Your Fridge?

July 18, 2013

Getting to Know Us

From our fridge. I have the habit that when I am ever in a person’s home for the first time, I always check out their refrigerator. I feel like it’s a quick way to get to know them. I love seeing their family photos and so on. It’s like a big cold block biography of a home. Any time we are in a home that doesn’t have anything on the fridge, a little part of me is sad because I feel like I am missing out on fun family secrets. So without further adieu, I am going to introduce you to our fridge, just the front that is and let you get to know us a little bit better.

Fridge4When we were getting married, our engagement announcement ran in my hometown paper. We had about 10 copies mailed to us and I still have about 3 left. One in my wallet, one on the fridge and one tucked away in a book for safekeeping! It is getting yellow but I love looking at it still!

Fridge3This is our sponsor child from Ethiopia. We just started sponsoring him through a friend’s organization. I’m very excited about him and hope one day we get to meet him.

Fridge2This went up as soon as the Rockies released their schedule. Andy loves baseball and because we no longer live in Colorado, he needs to know exactly when the Rocks play so he knows when to turn on the game and when we have to get tickets to the games around us.

Fridge6Andy and I started collecting magnets from the all the places we go. We visited New Orleans for our friend’s Bach./Bachelorette Party last year and we loved it. Every time I see this magnet it reminds me our trip. The Postcard is from our Thanksgiving Trip to Ireland back in 2011.

Fridge7If you haven’t heard of StickyGram you must click the link! This company can take your Instagram photos and make them into sweet little magnets. They are fun little addition to any fridge and are great conversation starters.

Fridge5This is the central hub! Where we stash take out menus, pens, important coupons, post its, etc… and of course, the “I love Puggles” magnet.

Fridge8This always makes me smile when I see it. We have some friends that have invited us to join them in Hawaii on a adventure of flipping houses, you can read more on that here. We are still praying about it! One night while they were visiting us, we were joking around at dinner about having an HGTV show about us. Andy casually tossed out this name and we all loved it. Our friend drew this on the receipt from dinner and put it on our fridge.

Fridge9I love this family picture. It has been on every fridge I have had since I went to college. Somehow it survives every move. This was taken at my cousin’s wedding over 10 years ago. My little cousins are now taller than me, are in college or about to graduate college and now obviously Andy and I now married. It just reminds me how special family is. What is fun, is that on my aunt’s fridge, is the picture of our family from our wedding (that is when Andy and I were married).

Fridge1And although I love the family photo, this section of our fridge is my favorite. It is where all the Save the Dates and Wedding Invites go. It makes me feel very blessed to know that these people love us enough to invite us to their special day (and even let me take their engagement pictures). So very excited for all these dates!

So that is our fridge. Did you learn anything about us? I would love to know! What is on your fridge?

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