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Dress Me Up: Preppy Work Style

August 1, 2013

It all started with an email…

If you are like me, you love a bargain, especially one from your favorite store. It’s like a little Christmas present every time you get an email about a sale. Normally, I do delete most of these emails because if I gave every sale email a chance I would never have any money and my husband would have to move out so all my clothes could fit. It would be a stylish but sad life and while I love a good pair of shoes… I love my husband more.

But today, I was running through my email and saw one that caught my eye! J. Crew Factory 40% EVERYTHING. What? O man! I just can’t handle it. I did the only thing I could… pick out my favorites and make outfits and plan for my future needs and with the fall-ish like weather we seem to be having, I can’t help but think in bright color cardigans, light wool dress, and plaid button ups. If you are a huge J.Crew fan too, don’t miss out on this sale. Here are some fun outfits to inspire you all for your Preppy Work Style!

J.CrewFactoryPicks (2 documents, 2 total pages)J.CrewOutifts-

First Outfit:

Grey Wool Dress / Plaid Pullover Shirt / Anchor Sweater / Yellow Belt / Bow Flats

Second Outfit:

Black & White Dress / Yellow Cardigan / Gold Belt

Third Outfit:

Yellow Cardigan / Sequin Stripped Tank / Pink Pencil Skirt

Fourth Outfit:

Pink Pencil Skirt / Blue Plaid Shirt / Green Jewel Necklace

Fifth Outfit:

Grey Wool Dress / Peter Pan Collar Sweater / Teal Suede Flats / Gold Belt / Blue and Teal Earrings

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Fourth of July Style

July 4, 2013

Paint the town Red.. and White, and Blue!

Happy Birthday America! Land of the Free and home of the Brave! There is nothing like a good Fourth of July celebration. We have had the blessing of living in two places that really know how to do the 4th right. Greeley, Colorado and of course Washington DC.

Greeley holds the Stampede each year around the 4th of July. Think carnival, a parade, food, rodeos, big concerts, and fireworks for two whole weeks! That’s right! It is one of the countries biggest 4th of July Celebrations. Everyone from Tim McGraw & Trisha Yearwood to Kelly Clarkson have performed at the Stampede. It’s just a good old fashion American Country Celebration.

And then there is Washington. While it might not last for two weeks, spending the 4th in our Nation’s Capital is pretty amazing. There is Folk Life Festival on the Mall, lots of food, an amazing parade, a concert and of course Fireworks over the National Monument. Definitely worth seeing. Here is a shot of last years fireworks.



We have friends visiting us this year and I am so excited to show them DC in all it’s celebratory glory! I strongly recommend coming as long as the heat is at bay. Last year it was like 109 F and miserable. This year it’s looking good so far!

Whether you are going to a backyard BBQ today, a fancy picnic or just going down to the local golf course for the fireworks I hope you will be dressed in Red, White and Blue. Here are some of my favorite pieces for today! Have a great time with your family and friends!

FourthofJuly1. Stars and Stripes Wedges / 2. Bow Tie Necklace / 3. White Sunglasses / 4. USA Button Earrings / 5. Red Nail Polish /6. Striped Tank Dress / 7. Sailor Dress / 8. Polka Dot Chambray Dress / 9. Red Purse / 10. White Shimmery Toms


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June 22, 2013

Target does it again

I should not be allowed in Target by myself. It is a dangerous, dangerous world in there and it’s amazing how walking through those red doors automatically removes the word no from your vocabulary. But the good thing about Target is when I do let myself wander down the aisles and put things in my cart, I am not breaking the bank. That is what I love about Target. It’s stylish, cost effective and I can find everything I am looking for… and then some (my husband would say, a lot some) but my girls understand me on this. Target is my jam. I thought I would share with you my treasures from this weeks Target trek.

Untitled1. Threshold Rug: I saw this rug, it saw me and we ran into each other’s arms. So I brought it home and we all are happy! Especially Tron, and if Tron’s happy, we are all happy.

2. Essie’s Sunday Funday Color: This color is so much fun and it shimmers. What? That’s right. I just can’t get enough of Essie.

3. Coral Ankle Jeans: I can’t wait to wear these. They are the perfect shade for this summer.

4. Boots Felt Tip Eyeliner: I didn’t realize what kind of eyeliner I had picked up until I tried it when I got home. I thought I was buying a pencil but it turns out to be a felt tip marker and I LOVE it. It can be a little hard to apply but it stays all day and doesn’t bleed. It’s hypo-allergenic and I have sensitive skin.

What have you found at Target recently?


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Dress Me Up: Summer Weddings

June 21, 2013

What to wear, what to wear…

You have RSVPd, you have the gift, you even have it wrapped but… What are you gonna wear? There are so many times where I pull out a dress the day of the wedding and it just looks awful or it just doesn’t fit the event. Or I have the dress but not the shoes or the accessories. I know this is no real crisis, but when the hubby is tapping his foot, it feels like I am playing A Minute to Win It! I have decided to not get stuck in this situation again. So what is the plan? To plan for every style.

I picked a dress that would be perfect for any summer wedding this season with a lovely sweet heart neck that even looks like a heart down to the waistline. Perfect to celebrate your friend’s undying love!


Paired with several different shoes, jackets, and accessories, there is a look for each style! Never be unprepared again!


Dress: Before the Birds Dress from ModCloth

Flirty Look:

Jacket: Zara / Shoes: Seychelles / Bracelet: C. Wonder / Heart Earrings: C. Wonder

Romantic Look:

Jacket: ModCloth / Shoes: ModCloth / Box Purse: Francesca’s / Earrings: Ruche

Chic Look:

Jacket: Zara / Shoes: Zara / Earrings: Unknown / Belt: Anthropologie

Do you have a fashion conundrum? Let’s work it out!

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A Little Nautical Love

June 20, 2013

O, So Naut-y… 

O dear.

One thing I love about living on the East Coast is the presence of water. Rivers, bays, oceans, rain even. So much more than we ever had in Colorado while I was growing up. In Colorado, if you wanted moisture, you take a shower or run the garden hose down the slip’n’slide.

What I love even more about living where there is water is the plethora of Nautical inspired wear and decor. I just can’t seem to get enough. The Anchor symbol is possible one of my favorite symbols and not just for the meaning of Faith, but the fact that it represents the meaning of being tied to something. Your safety from being pulled out in the vast and emptiness. Not just in deep water, but in life too. When it comes to things that mean the most to me, I refer to them as being anchored to me. Locked into place.

It’s just an added bonus that the anchor is so stylish to wear and is everywhere these days! If I could get away with it, I would wear an anchor everyday, but until then, here are a few of my favorite nautical inspired items.

NauticalLove1. Anchor Necklace – Kate Spade / 2. Anchor Dress – J.Crew/ 3. Sail Boat Wedge – Seychelles / 4. Anchor Cell Phone Case – Emilie Marian Designs / 5. Vintage Ship Purse – Forest Bags / 6. Anchor Earrings – ModCloth / 7. Nautical Flags – C.Wonder                              8. Nautical Inspired Coasters – Anchor & Arrow / 9. Anchor Pillow – Mazizmuse / 10. Anchor Print Boat Shoes – Sperry Shoes


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Stella & Dot Giveaway

June 5, 2013


I have friend who hosted a Stella & Dot party where I bought my lovely arrow bracelet. I seriously can not take it off and I wanted to share the amazing other finds that Stella & Dot has. Their jewelry is beautiful and they have bags, scarves and more bright accessories.

My other friend, Emma is a Stella & Dot consultant, and graciously is offering half off any item and free shipping to one lucky winner. To enter, just fill out the form below and a winner will be chosen.

I put together my favorite pieces to give you some inspiration!



Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Summer Scents

May 31, 2013

Smell like Summer

I stepped outside the other day and was just hit with that smell that I have been waiting for, for so long. Summer! I love the smell of summer, and here in DC it is so fragrant. Between the honeysuckle, peonies and magnolia trees, I just can’t get enough. It made me want to bottle it up and spray it all over my apartment as well as myself. Too bad you just can’t do that. So I settled for the next best thing… new candles, soap and perfume! Ones that smell just as sweet as those summer smells. Here are my top picks to make not only you but your home smell just as bright and flowery as it is outside! Warning: People may stand closer to you when wearing these scents.

SummerScentsFor You:

1. Escada Taj Sunset: This smells like grapefruit, orange, and a beach vacation you need to go on STAT. I love this smell and even when it’s raining outside, you will smell like a tropical oasis. Perfect for a summer night out.

2. I Love Love by Moschino: This perfume smells like clean laundry, sunny skies, and the perfect day for a picnic. This is one of my favorite smells for just a lazy day.

3. Victoria Secret Bombshell Body Mist: This body mist is sweet, spicy and playful. I love to wear this to a ballgame or just on a movie date with the hubs.

For You and Home:

4. Fresh Picked First Bloom Soap from Bath and Body Works: This soap brings that wildflower smell right inside. I sometimes find myself washing my hands over and over just to smell the scent.

For Home:

5. “Choose Happiness” Candle: I just picked this candle up at Target this week and I am burning it right now, I wish you could smell it. It smells amazing. Plus the message on the candle is just perfect.

6. Water Lily and Aloe Candle: Somehow this little candle ended up in my cart as well… I think it just wanted to tag along with it’s friend above. I’m so glad it did. It has a calming smell that reminds me of the ocean.

7. Sweet Alchemy Candle by Evoluxe: If you ever want a candle that smells like an exotic beach than look no further. Plus this candle comes in a handmade ceramic jar that you can reuse.

Do you have a great summer smell I am missing? Please do share. Sharing is my favorite.


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What to Bring for Spring: DC Edition

April 17, 2013

Spring Fling in DC

So you are coming to the Nation’s Capital for Spring! Yay! You are going to love it. Not just for the Cherry Blossoms but because it hasn’t reached the crazy death temperatures that summer can get to and the humidity hasn’t gotten to the point where you feel like you are swimming instead of walking.

In fact, Spring and Fall are the best times to visit DC. The weather is great, the Mall and the Museums are not too overcrowded yet an the city is colorful! Blooming colors in the spring and the leaves are gorgeous in the fall.

I have put together a packing guide to help you make the most of your Spring visit while being completely prepared for everything DC has to offer and not to mention being super stylish for the season.

Grab you suitcases and let’s get to packing.

First up, is the packing list guide. I designed this list because I ALWAYS forget something. Write down your travel info too and you will be set to go.PackingList1


Onto your suitcase!

WhattoBringforSpring11. An Umbrella: The Spring can be warm and rainy. Don’t be surprised if you have rain in the morning but sun in the afternoon. This one is super cute and you can have it hook around your arm for easy carrying.

2. A Light Coat: Along with the rain in the morning, you might find some clouds blocking the sun. Make it a light coat because again chances are, you will have some sun in the afternoon.

3. Cute Tennis Shoes: You will be walking A LOT in DC. The Mall alone is a ton of walking and add in the museums, you will want comfortable shoes. Even better if they are this cute!

4. A Chic Cell Phone Case: Chances are, if you are addicted to Instagram like I am, you will have your phone out to snap that perfect picture. Make sure you case is dressed up as cute as you are!

5. A Light Sweater: Perfect for over a tee or a dress, just in case there is a little bit of wind. The museums are also known for being cooler and you can get chilled.

6. Light Colored Pants: Wear them rolled up or all the way down, the weather may not be warm enough for shorts but great for a light pair of pants. Loving this pair of polka dot pants from Target.

7. Chic Spring Dress: It is not unusual to see people sightseeing in a dress. They can be airy and great to tour around in. DC can be quite dressy and if you don’t have time to change for dinner, you are already dressed to impress.

8. Boat Shoes: You are one the East Coast in DC. Boat Shoes are a must, even if you aren’t going to go on a boat. They are just a staple of life. I love these Gold Sperrys.

9. Sunglasses: These are a must. A lot of what’s to see in DC is outside and it can get quite bright. Don’t let your eyes get burned.

10. A Small Shoulder Purse: A big, heavy purse can make your back hurt. Having a small to medium sized purse is great for sightseeing all day. This purse from Kate Spade is the perfect size and it has a special place for your iPad. Genius!


Now, what to pack in your purse!

1. Bandaids!: I can not stress these enough. Even us seasoned DC walkers still get blisters. I had a massive one after touring with my in-laws and always carry bandaids in my purse for this reason. These ones from OUCH, are so stinkin cute too!

2. A Camera: This one is kind of a no brainer but this is a picture of our point and shoot camera, we love it because you can take great panorama pictures. Great for those memorial pictures on the Mall.

3. A Re-Useable Shopping Bag: Most people don’t know that DC charges you a couple of cents every time you buy something and need a bag. Since you will be in and out of gift shops, this might be a great thing to have in your purse so you don’t have to purchase a bag every time you buy a souvenir.

4. A Mild Pain Reliever: Your feet, legs, arms and just about anything else will get tired from walking. Having a few mild pain relievers on hand is a good idea. Also helps with those mild headaches from reading all that history.

5. Sunscreen: Again, I can not stress this enough! Even with cloud cover and mild temperatures, you can get burned. Put on once in the morning and cover again mid day and you won’t have those pesky sunglass tan lines!

6. Small Card Wallet: With your smaller purse, it is also better to have just a small card wallet for your CC, ID and metro pass. Easy to get in and out and not as heavy as toting around your check book and change. I use my Coach one all the time. Easy and simple!

7. Hand Sanitizer: DC is crawling with thousands of people and the Metro is a dirty, dirty place. Having hand sanitizer available is a good idea, plus hopefully you won’t take home some body else’s germs.

8. Tissues: Use as napkins or have on hand for the Holocaust Museum. There are flowers all over the place in the spring, so if you have allergies, you might need these a lot.

9. Chapstick: Much like sunscreen, your lips might get burned. Make sure to keep applying as your touring. Use a tinted one for a chic look.

Can’t wait to see you here! It’s time for your spring fling here in DC!



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Spring Lovelies

April 4, 2013

Spring Picks for You and Your Home Spring is one of my favorite times of year. The birds start chirping, the cherry blossoms start blooming and people stop their hibernating and start playing outside again. It seems as if the world is coming alive again. One of the reasons I love Spring so much is the change in color. Gone are the dreary grays and browns and to come are bright corals, mints, yellows and more. Just surrounding yourself with bright colors can make your day seem brighter, especially during those spring thunder storms. Here are some of my picks to make your spring a little bit brighter!   Spring Picks

For the Home:

1. Wooden Bench/ 2. West Elm Green Bedding/ 3. Mini Terrariums / 4. Chalkboard Canisters/ 5.  Food Cover/ 6. Metal Flatware Caddy/ 7. Cutensils 

For You:

1. Boyfriend Sweater / 2. Sweet Spring Dress/ 3. Coral Earrings/ 4. Platform Sandals/ 5. Dream of Pink by Lacoste 6. Mint and Gold Heart Necklace

Get it Girl - Like a Boss - So Stylish

Get it Girl!

March 29, 2013

Working Like a Boss when you are the Boss.

Through many blessings, moves, job changes and dreams coming true, I now solely work from home. While this may sound so glamorous and amazing; it can be so hard to actually set out and work it like your job depends on it; because now in my case, in order to work like a boss, I have to be the boss.

This means no mid day shopping trips, no sleeping in past noon, online shopping is definitely out, and only tackling the laundry and the dishes during some brainstorming time. If you have been working from home for awhile, I would love to hear all the tips you have on really maximizing your day schedule. In fact, I would love to pick your brain, so please drop me a line. But in the mean time I thought I would share what helps me work through the day and really allows me to get my inner working girl on! (By the way, if you haven’t seen Working Girl, you really should. Nobody does the eighties like Melanie Griffith and Joan Cusak).


1. MyAgenda/ 2.RiflePaper.Co/ 3 and 4. IKEA/ 5. EmilieMarianDesigns/ 6. Smash Tap/ 7. WesleyBird for Society6/ 8. IKEA/ 9. iTunes/ 10. Sharpie/ 11. EmilieMarianDesigns

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