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Healthy Zuppa Toscana Soup

May 5, 2015



Healthy Zuppa Toscana Soup

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Ginger Citrus Flank Steak

February 23, 2015

FlankSteak8Ginger Citrus Flank Steak
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The Best Paleo and All Natural Sauces

February 18, 2015


UntitledThe Best Paleo & All Natural Sauces

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Honey Mustard Fish Tacos

February 10, 2015

HMFT1Honey Mustard Fish Tacos

Fresh, healthy, tangy and soooooo good! We love fish tacos here in our household, but I wanted to mix it up a bit this time and add a new flavor to our tacos. Turned out to be a big hit, and it gives the tacos a tangy sweet flavor that mixes perfectly with the pineapple.

The best part of fish tacos is that you can also add whatever you want on the side. We love peach salsa and I love adding in avocados!

They are also super easy to make and don’t necessarily require exact amounts of ingredients. You can make them however you like.

We use a couple of filets of Tilapia, about 4 or 5, to start.

To make the fish and sauce, mix about 1 tablespoon of Dijon Mustard with about a 2/3 cup of Honey. You can add more mustard in if you would like. Season the Tilapia with black pepper and place on a foil lined baking sheet.

HMFT5Broil your fish until the fish starts to flake. I actually broil the Tilapia in our toaster over at 350 till I can flake it with a fork.

While the fish is cooking, I take the pineapple and pan fry it with a little bit of smoked paprika for taste. I gives the pineapple a smokey flavor!

HMFT4After your fish is done, you can crumble it up and assemble your tacos. Add in whatever salsa you like, avocado, cabbage, and wrap in a tortilla and you have an amazing fish taco!


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Paleo Eating and Meal Planning 2.0 and a Giveaway

February 4, 2015

PaleoEatingandMealPlanningPaleo Eating and Meal Planning 2.0 and a Giveaway

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Banana Protein Pancakes

January 29, 2015


BananaPancakes1I’m about to make your day… or just your morning!

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going gluten free

October 17, 2013

Do you ever have those moments where you just realize the only person you haven’t been honest with as of lately is yourself? Oh, dear.


I just had a face to face conversation with myself. I was pretty hard on myself. There was some harsh words, tears, and some good ole fashioned hugging at the end. I even ended the conversation with myself by saying, “It’s just because I really do care about you, I want you to succeed!” I think I got the message across.

So, what now?

It’s time to get healthy. Not just the drink more water, walk more, and so on… but really healthy. Like start doing what my body needs me to do in order to make sure I am the best possible version of myself. You can read about my health issues here but I have a condition called PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and it makes everything about 100% harder. Harder to lose weight, harder to get pregnant, harder to have energy and harder to be normal. Some days it feels like a losing battle. I never felt good, I was always tired. Boo.

But then, it hit me on a lovely Roman Spring day. I had just finished a plate of spaghetti in this super cute piazza restaurant and …. I crashed. For the first time, it really hit me. I can’t eat wheat.

Because of my PCOS and the way my hormones work, when I eat complex carbs, like wheat, my body doesn’t store it as energy. It stores it as fat. Such a bummer. 

So… this is it. My final wake up call. This girl has got to get in shape. Especially since we are talking about having kids in the next year or two. That’s right friends, we are finally ready! I will definitely keep you updated on all that.

But until then, here is my plan of attack. It will be hard, but I believe in the end, it will well worth it.

I am going Gluten Free. 100% no wheat of any kind! This is going to be tough, but it’s amazing how many restaurants have gluten free menus and so many good options at the grocery store. This is happening. And if you have made this decision whether or not for health reasons, we are in this together. Let’s swap recipes and share our helpful hints. Because we can do this, especially together!

And to get us started, here are my favorite gluten free products so far! Just try them… you will love them.

UntitledIf you have any recommendations too, let me know! I would love to know them!

1. Simply Balanced Noodles / 2. Individual Brownie Mixes-Pamela’s Products/ 3. Van’s Gluten Free Waffles / 4. Omission Beer- Amazing / 5. Applegate Chicken Nuggets / 6. Apple Cinnamon Chex / 7. Baking Mix – Pamela’s Products / 8. Udi’s Pizza Crusts / 9.King Arthur Flour Muffin Mix

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Sunday Adventures

July 2, 2013

Farmer’s Market Finds


I was just about to go insane from being inside in bed for the past few days and wanted to get out and at least see some sunshine. We also needed to go grocery shopping. What better way to accomplish both than the local Farmer’s Market!

I have been wanting to go the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market for awhile now. We stumbled upon it the other day while walking with some friends after breakfast. We didn’t have time to stop and shop so I made a mental note to come back. I love buying our groceries from Farmer’s Markets. The fact that we are supporting a small, local business while getting fresh food and getting out into our neighborhood makes for one of my favorite things to do on the weekend, especially for one of our many Sunday Adventures.

We grabbed our re-usable shopping bags and Boomer and headed out the front door of our apartment building to… rain. Dang! Well, we were still game but Boo hates water so he took one look and turned around. We grabbed the car and headed down. And then the rain stopped… but the humidity did not. Hello Summer in DC. Let the games begin!


Here are our finds from this first venture! We really needed some fruit for a dessert this week, cream cheese, an onion and butter. I love buying dairy products from local farms because I know that what I am buying is less processed, hormone free, and better for us. We also bought some ground beef but it is not pictured because it is currently in our freezer.

I walked by the lavender and it smelled amazing, so it came home with us and as for the Jam, also amazing. It tastes so sweet with a little bit of a kick, and spread with the cream cheese, it is a Farmer’s Market Miracle!
Farmer'sMarket1 Farmer'sMarket3 Farmer'sMarket4 Farmer'sMarket9 Farmer'sMarket5 Farmer'sMarket6 Farmer'sMarket8 Farmer'sMarket10

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Fresh Fruit and Ginger Salad

June 7, 2013

So Yummy and Great Summer

I just made this recipe modified from one of my Better Homes and Garden’s Cook Books and it was delicious! We usually don’t eat a lot of Jello, but I love Ginger Ale and had just bought some candied ginger at our Farmer’s Market. If you want a healthy refreshing dessert that has the perfect punch, this is it. And it is super simple to make. The hardest part is waiting for it to chill!


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Buffalo Chicken Wrappers

May 3, 2013

Can’t stop eating these!

When I find something that my husband, Andy, likes, I know I have hit gold! And then I make it over and over because I know he won’t make that face like he just ate dirt. When I cook something new, I hold my breath and anxiously wait when he takes his first bite… It’s like watching the Amazing Race. I get sick to my stomach waiting to hear if he likes it. Usually his face will give it away before he says anything. If he likes it, he will immediately take another bite, and if he doesn’t, well he makes this face like he ate lemons and fish mixed together and then he will shake his head. It’s extremely entertaining but it usually means that another food group I like to eat is out.

Currently, this little family of mine doesn’t eat: spaghetti (which is my favorite), anything really with tomatoes in it, squash, spinach, beets, peppers, most thai food, anything really with rice noodles in it, crawfish, shrimp, anything too “vinegary”, “lemony”, “fruity”, lima beans, black beans, anything “beany”, salads, eggs, oatmeal, Indian food, Dim Sum, and mostly anything sour. The list continues to grow.

I am constantly going to the internet for new recipes in hopes that I can find something this man of mine will enjoy. It is there that I stumbled upon the blog, Can You Stay for Dinner?. With lots of easy, healthy recipes, I have been able to feed Andy without getting his disgusted face. Score!

This is one of those recipes that I have tweaked here in there to make it more eatable for my family because you guessed it, Andy doesn’t like blue cheese.

BuffaloChickenWrappersYou will also need:

  • a small bowl of water 
  • cooking spray
  • a wire rack and cookie sheet

Ok let’s get started! Pre-Heat your oven or toaster oven to about 400 Degrees.

Find a clear space on your countertop and lay out some of the egg roll wrappers.

Next, mix your shredded chicken in with your Frank’s Hot Sauce or BBQ sauce. I actually mix the two together to get a sweet and spice-y flavor. You can add as much as you like, or as little as you like. We like ours pretty savory, so our shredded chicken is saturated with sauce. Taste as you go a long to make sure you like your flavor.

On your egg roll wrappers, place about one tablespoon of the broccoli slaw in the right bottom corner on the diagonal. Next, spoon the chicken mixture on top. You don’t want too much but make sure you have enough for flavor. On top of the chicken, either place blue cheese crumbles or the shredded cheddar cheese or both. I like both, but Andy only likes the cheddar cheese.

Have your little bowl of water on hand, because you are going to begin to roll up the wrappers. First thing you will do, fold the right bottom corner over the ingredients with the right corner now in the middle of the wrapper. Next, fold in the two sides so it looks like an envelope. Roll the wrapper up. Wet your finger from the small bowl of water and seal the top corner to the roll.

Repeat these steps until all your chicken is gone. Place the wrappers on the wire rack on top of a cookie sheet and spray an even coat on the tops and bottoms of the wrappers.

Bake for 12-15 minutes till the wrappers are golden brown and crispy.

Serve with any type of dipping sauce you choose. We like to dip ours in the BBQ sauce or Ranch Dressing. It’s up to you! Enjoy!

*This recipe comes from I did not create it nor do I take any credit for it’s amazing tastefulness.


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