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Geometric Clay Magnets

August 29, 2013

Who knew clay could be so fun? Every since I decided to buy some clay and make this DIY Jewelry tray, I have been itching to use it again.

It hit my one day while staring at my fridge trying to decide what to make for dinner. Magnets! I could totally make some cute magnets. So a DIY was born. Geometric Clay Magnets.

GeometricMagnet12All you need is:

  • Polymer Clay
  • A craft knife
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Magnetic Sticky Stripes
  • Super Glue (maybe)

GeometricMagnets1GeometricMagnets7GeometricMagnets12I took a lump of the clay and made a small cube about the size an inch. With the knife, I began to make cuts all along the edges to give it a nice geometric shape. Smooth out the edges and sides to get ride of the  cut marks if you need to.

After I made a few, I stuck them in the oven at 275 degrees for 30 minutes.

Wait for them to cool before you start painting.

I wanted them to have a unique look, so when I did start painting, I choose different sides to keep in the shape of the geometric idea.

GeometricMagnets6 GeometricMagnets8Wait till they dry before you place the magnets on each piece. Cut the magnet strip to fit the side you want and place the sticky part to the clay piece, if they don’t stick, use some super glue to make it stick.

GeometricMagnets9Now you can stick them on the fridge and go!

GeometricMagnets10 GeometricMagnets11


Make it Girl-DIY!

Vacation Memories

August 22, 2013

If you are like me, on your vacations, you save every brochure, ticket stub, receipt, postcard, pamphlet… o man, so many pieces of paper. I just think to myself I want to remember everything about this trip, not that I don’t take pictures, that is a whole different story. I just want to remember EVERYTHING about our trips.

So what happens when you end up with all those pieces of paper floating around your house? Mine usually just end up in some drawer because I just generally don’t know what to do with them. I don’t want to scrapbook them because to be honest, I think the normal ways of scrapbooking is just not my style. It’s almost “too cute” and I would rather put our pictures on the wall. I am a firm believer that pictures should be seen not stored away in a book.

Not only did I come away with a pile of paper from this past vacation (you can read about our Mediterranean Trip here, and here, and here), but my mom did this amazing thing! She journaled about every day while we were over there, typed it up and sent it to me. I loved reading them and wanted to print them out but then I am left with even more pieces of paper.



But then, as I am walking through Target, it hits me. A super cute binder and clear plastic sleeves, some washi tape and a fun colored marker and then I will have a Vacation Memory Binder. I can add all the paper mementos each time we go on vacation and use dividers to separate each vacation . So here we go… it’s DIY time.

VacationBinder3Here are my tools:

  • Cute Binder from Target
  • Clear Plastic Sleeves
  • Washi Tape
  • Sharpie Markers

VacationBinder5 VacationBinder4

My soundtrack:

The Decemberists – The King is Dead

VacationBinder10My work buddies and what I should have been doing:

Boo and Tron and the Laundry (yikes).

VacationBinder9I printed out each day of the journal entries that my mom wrote up after I put a fun title on each page for each day. I placed each sheet in a clear plastic sleeve and set it aside.

VacationBinder7On the  sheet of white computer paper, I taped the corresponding postcards, tickets and such from that day’s journal entry to the blank paper. With my marker, I wrote in special memories and explanations for each piece;  I did have some fun (not “too cute”) scrapbooking stuff that I used just for an added effect. After each page was done, I slipped it in plastic sleeve behind the journal entry and put it in the binder.

Our cruise gave us sheets for each day with the weather information included. It was just a good added piece to the binder. See how some of pages turned out.

VacationBinder6 VacationBinder2

I’m so excited to keep adding to this binder and I think I will start journaling each day of the vacations so I don’t miss any details. What do you think? Good idea or are you a traditional scrapbooker? Or do you have other ways of storing your memories.

Love and Hope, Em

Make it Girl-DIY!

Cardboard Coo Coo Clock

August 14, 2013

I have  a thing for clocks. I think it was because we didn’t have one in our living room for awhile and then I all of a sudden we had many. I kept thinking of all the fun ways we could make a clock and then they just kept happening!

You an see our Ikea Clock Makeover here, but for this one you just need an old cardboard box! You can see the original DIY here on the Umba Box Blog.



  • A cardboard box
  • A craft knife
  • Tacky Spray
  • A pencil
  • Clock parts (can be found at a local craft store)

I went online and found a coo-coo clock image that I liked. In Photoshop, I  blew up the image and colored it in to make it an even solid black and printed it out. After cutting it out, I sprayed tacky spray on the surface of a piece of the cardboard box.

CardboardClockDIYThe tacky spray keeps the paper down while you cut out the image. With my craft knife, I cut around the edges till the coo coo clock was cut out.

CardboardClockDIY2With a pencil, I then marked where I wanted the clock hands to come through; I poked a hole through and assembled the clock parts.


I took some paper flower paper and added it to the clock to give it a more feminine feel. And then hung it on my wall. So easy, cheap and perfect for any wall!

I would love to see if you do one too!

Make it Girl-DIY!

Ikea Clock Makeover

July 31, 2013

I love Ikea. Love may even be an understatement. The feelings I have for the concrete walls filled with ingenious Swedish Design are deep and real. Much like my love for Dippin’ Dots, but that is a whole other story…

Anyways… while walking through Ikea a couple of months ago. I saw this clock. It saw me and we slow ran to each other. It was magical… but as we got closer to each other, I realized that I liked it a lot but some parts where too dark and mysterious for me (much like many of my high school boyfriends).

I had been looking for a big clock for our wall and this guy just happened to be the best clock I had seen but I knew I wanted to change some things. So we brought it home and it went under some makeover magic. He now proudly keeps our time on our wall and we are loving his fresh new look.


The things I loved about this clock were the size, the color of the body frame and the simplicity of the clock. The things I didn’t like were the roman numerals and the black hands, the cream background also wasn’t really our style either. Our decor style is very light and bright and we don’t have much black around. For as big as the clock is, it would be a huge focal point in our living room and we wanted it to blend in with the rest of the decor.

I first took of the glass and painted the back ground a light grey. I had the paint from a previous project and used a sponge brush so that there weren’t streaks.

I swapped the black hands for some brighter silver ones that we found at Michaels.


Since I have been on such a glass etching kick, see this fun tutorial here, I decided to etch the numbers on the glass for a simple but chic look.


All I needed to do was reassemble the glass back to the frame and have that sweet husband of mine hang it on the wall and now when one of asks for the time, we don’t have to look for our phones anymore.


Make it Girl-DIY!

Lace T-Shirt Embroidered Hoop

July 30, 2013

If you can’t wear it… use it.

I had this wonderful cream t-shirt that I loved to wear… until a hole appeared. Dang it. It was super cute and comfy and it had this sweet lace accent. I knew I couldn’t give it away or sell it so I was about to throw it away…

Then my inner DIY-er pulled it out of the trash and an idea was born.

LaceTHoop1Because of it’s cream color and it’s pretty lace detail, I thought it would make a cute embroidery base.

I grabbed an embroidery hoop, a needle, some thread, wax paper and a pencil and started sketching some ideas.

Once I had my final drawing, I drew it on the wax paper and laid it onto top of the piece of t-shirt in the embroidery hoop.

LaceTHoop2With my needle and thread, I began to sew my design. I used a simple back stitch as well as a split stitch.

LaceTHoop3After ward, I tied some velvet ribbon I had lying around and hung it on the wall! From tired t-shirt to fantastic new wall art! So glad I decided to not throw it away!

LaceTHoop5 LaceTHoop4So if you have an old t-shirt around, before throwing it away, see if you can re-use it and make something super cute out of it! I would love to see what you make.

And while you are taking pictures of it, this might happen to you too…


Make it Girl-DIY!

Dishtowel Pillow Cover

July 19, 2013

Not Just for the Kitchen Anymore

DTP8I love pillows. If it were up to me we would have them everywhere, but between Boo and Andy, they always get pushed off the couch. Think Along Came Polly scene where Ben Stiller stabs his pillows over and over….

I fell in love with the “Home Sweet Home” Pillow (on the left in the picture) from Earth Cadets. As a thank you gift, she also included a sweet dishtowel. It was too pretty to actually use as a dishtowel so I decided it would make a much better pillow cover.

It is super easy to make any dishtowel into a pillow/cover as long as you have the right size insert.

Grab a:

  • dishtowel
  • pillow insert
  • scissors
  • thread
  • sewing machine (you can use a needle and thread but it will take you a super long time!)
  • measuring tape
  • Marking pencil

DTP1Lay your dishtowel down and place your pillow insert on top. Make sure how you want the dishtowel to be place on the pillow and measure and mark where you need to sew. Then pin and get ready to sew.

DTP4 DTP2 DTP3There is no wrong way to sew your dishtowel. Depending on the size and how you want it too look, it may be different than mine. My dishtowel was rather large so I sewed the bottom  up about 3 inches and top down about 10 inches but not sealed shut so the pillow could slip in and out for easy cleaning.

DTP6Now I have another fantastic pillow for the couch.




Get it Girl - Make it Girl-DIY!

DIY Tea Set

July 10, 2013

You’re My Cup of Tea

Tea is one of my favorite drinks. Ever since living in Ireland during my senior year in college, I have found that the most comforting drink is tea with a little (or a lot) of cream and sugar. Since my cold last week, I have found myself making tea a lot lately. I had forgotten just how much I really missed it. Even in these hot summer days, a cup of tea seems to just hit the spot while I’m working, getting ready, reading, working… you name it!

A couple of months ago, I did a DIY for Umba Box, you can find the original blog post here, on a DIY Tea Set. I have it currently in my kitchen and every time I crave some tea, this set comes in handy.

TeaSet1It’s so easy to make and takes less than 30 mins.

All you need is:

  • White Ceramic Pieces
  • Sharpies
  • An oven or toaster oven

TeaSet2Wash each piece before you design on them. If you need to, take a pencil and draw what you want to design on your ceramic pieces. Take the sharpie and go over your pencil marks or free hand. If you mess up, you can scrub the sharpie off, you won’t be able to do this after you bake them.

When you are ready to bake, place the ceramic pieces on a cookie sheet and place in a cold oven. Bake for about 30-45 mins at 400 degrees.

Wait till they cool down before you move them. The designs should not wash off but just be safe only hand wash.

TeaSet4 TeaSeat3


And now that I have tea on the brain, here are my top picks for tea time. There is always time for a tea party!

TeaTime1. Robot Tea Infuser / 2. Mint Tea Pot / 3. The Republic of Tea / 4. Electric Tea Kettle / 5. Cute Thermos 

6. The Vintage Tea Party Cook Book / 7. Telephone Booth Tea Set / 8. Geometric Print Tea Pot / 9. Egg Tea Towel

Make it Girl-DIY!

String Art Corkboard

June 28, 2013

Push Pins Galore



There is a back story to this little piece of art. It was originally another piece of art that my sweet cat Tron hooked his little claws in it came unravelled. No better way to do a DIY than up-cycle an old one!

Here is what you will need:

  • Sewing Pins
  • String
  • Corkboard
  • Scissors
  • Washi Tape (if you want to decorate)
  • A print out of whatever you want to string


Cut out the print and place on the corkboard (it helps to spray some tacky spray if you have some to get the paper to lie down while placing the pushpins). Begin to outline the word with the push pins. When the entire word is outlined, gently take the the paper out.

Cut some string, tie one end around a push pin and begin to wind around the the pushpins. I outlined the word first with string to make it easier to see the word.  If you need to get more string, just tie off the last piece and tie a new one. Begin to weave them around each letter, I wanted a Geometric look so I gave mine some hard angles.  This may take awhile but it helps to take it slow.


After the letters were complete, I took some fun Washi Tape and decorated the cork board to give it more of a fun look to it.


Ta-da, a new piece of fun DIY functional art. Hope you make one too!

Handmade - Interior Love - Make it Girl-DIY!

Handmade in the Home

June 25, 2013

I’m a DIY Junkie. If there was a support group, I’m sure I should be going to it. I have fabric, paper, paint, brushes, etc… stashed away in a cabinet, under tables and everywhere in between. Living in less than 800 square feet, I have had to be creative about where all my DIY supplies go. But needless to say, they are perfectly on hand when the creative juices get going.

Since moving into our sweet little DC apartment, I have gotten extremely bitten by the DIY bug. Through my former job, I began to really appreciate the artistry of handmade and just couldn’t get enough of making unique pieces that I could have in our home. Here are some of my favorites.


For a simple pin board, I covered a cork board square with a plain canvas fabric and used handmade pushpins from Antropologie. It’s the perfect size for above my desk.

With a different piece of cork board and with some more of the same canvas material, I took my love of Ireland and made it into a piece of string art.


With sewing straight pins, some thread and lace tape, I made a string map of Ireland with a heart over the city where I used to live in.

One of my favorite mediums to work with is cardboard. There are literally countless ways to up-cycle cardboard into amazing handmade goods. Like:


A hanging wall frame that you can change out the photos in whenever you choose. I covered two pieces of card board with fabric, glued them together and used velvet ribbon to allow it to hang on the wall. With no glass in the frame, I can change out my photos easily.


I didn’t make these next two. They were made for us by a sweet friend in West Virginia. I love how she stamped our names onto them.


I love to read and one of my favorite ways to decorate is using books but I could never find bookends that I absolutely loved, so I decided to make some of my own.



I went to a hardware store and found some wooden shelving sconces, primer and paint and painted them to make them perfect bookends for what I wanted.


Made from scrapbook paper and an app on a website (which is not longer available, so sorry), I was able to maker my own vision chart that has our names and wedding date. Instant art done in less that 30 seconds.

I use a lot of fabric for DIYs around our apartment and used some leftover fabric to make a hanging wall saying for our bathroom just using fabric, felt and ribbon.


What have you made recently? Any good ideas?



Make it Girl-DIY!

DIY Clay Tray

June 19, 2013

Also helps to sing patty cake while making this…

ClayTray7I can’t remember the last time I played with clay! But there was something about this pack of clay that spoke to me as I walked past it in the aisle at Michael’s.

The amazing thing about oven bake clay is you can literally make anything you want including a fantastic new tray for your bracelets, keys or anything else you want to place on a tray.

What you will need is:

  • A pack of oven bake clay
  • Paint and paint brush
  • A craft knife
  • Anything you want to use to shape, mold or impress on the clay


I started out kneading my clay to get it ready to mold.

claytray2I used a small dinner plate and molded the clay about a half inch thick to make the base of the tray.

ClayTray3With my craft knife, I went around and made scalloped cuts.

ClayTray5 ClayTray6I placed the plate with the clay still on top in the toaster oven and baked it for about 20-30 minutes. Depending on your clay, you may need to bake it longer or shorter.

After the plate and clay had cooled, I used a spatula to remove the the clay tray and began painting with my multi-purpose paint. I painted about 3 coats to give it solid coverage.

With a white gel pen, I then drew some fun polka dots and my initials in the middle just in case someone tries to claim it as theirs.

ClayTray9 ClayTray8

This may be as easy as a kindergarden craft but so much more sassier! Enjoy!

Linked to Liz Marie Blog.



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