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materially crafted book giveaway

May 18, 2015

Materially Crafted Book Giveawy!


I LOVE a good DIY book and this one is fantastic. Written by Victoria Hudgins, who is the amazing lady behind A Subtle Reverly blog, Materially Crafted is packed full of colorful and inspiring DIYs. And I have one to giveaway….why you may ask? Flourish and Hope was featured in the book! AHHHH!

Curious about what you’re in for?

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Easy DIY Picture Display

February 25, 2015

WoodPicture2Easy DIY Picture Display

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Happy Galentines Day!

February 13, 2015

FreePrintablesHappy Galentines Day!

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Paleo Eating and Meal Planning 2.0 and a Giveaway

February 4, 2015

PaleoEatingandMealPlanningPaleo Eating and Meal Planning 2.0 and a Giveaway

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Make it Girl-DIY! - Nourish Me

Banana Protein Pancakes

January 29, 2015


BananaPancakes1I’m about to make your day… or just your morning!

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Design and Inspired - Interior Love - Make it Girl-DIY!

Out with the Old and In with the New

January 27, 2015

EntryWay2Out with the old and in with the new!

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Life - Make it Girl-DIY!

Pesto Zuccini Pasta

January 20, 2015


 Pesto Zuccini “Pasta”

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Make it Girl-DIY!

diy: embroidered mittens

December 13, 2013

DIY:Embroidered Mittens

Winter in Colorado is one of my favorite times of year, but the bitter cold and dry climate do not love my hands. I had forgotten just how dry my hands get. Cloth mittens are so cheap and you can find them anywhere!

I wanted to jazz up a pair while also making them functional, so enter in some simple embroidery thread and some amazing magical thread. It is super easy to do and you won’t have to take your clothes off to answer a call on your phone.


What you need is:

Some thread, a needle, gloves and metallic conductor thread (I found mine on amazon)

The conductor thread allows you to use your touch screen devices while wearing your gloves! HOLLER!

Simply pencil or fabric pen your words on each finer of your glove and thread your needle. Take the needle and thread on the inside of the glove. This can be quite tricky so go slow. I did a simple stitch to embroider the letters onto the fingers.

GloveEmb4 GloveEmb5


After your words are completely sewn, I put the gloves on and with a pencil, I marked where the pad of my finger was on the tip of the thumb and pointer finger on the gloves.

After threading the conductor thread, I sewed a “patch” of thread on my pencil mark on each finger. You need to make sure it is large enough on the inside of the glove for you skin to transmit through the thread to your device.

GloveEmb7 GloveEmb8Ta-Da! Warmth and genius! Goodbye cold winter hands!

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Glass Etching Continued

October 10, 2013

I seriously can’t get enough of glass etching. If one were to have a problem with a certain craft, then yes, I am the first to admit I have a problem. I literally want to etch every surface of glass that I own.


I thought I would share another glass etching project with you all. You can see my jar tutorial here, but today I am sharing how I used glass etching to make a little mirror fancier and gave a frame a facelift.


Glass Etching Cream and a brush

Adhesive stencils

Anything Glass… literally anything.

Here’s what I used:


Make sure you glass surfaces are clean and dust free. Apply the stencils and “iron” them down so there are no bubbles. This is important. Next spread the etching cream on the stencil making sure it is evenly coated.

GlassEtching3 GlassEtching4Wait about 20 minutes for the cream to effectively work and then thoroughly wash it off. Make sure you do not get it on your skin! If you do, wash it off immediately.

Now enjoy your new designs!

GlassEtching5 GlassEtching6 GlassEtching7

Make it Girl-DIY!

Anatomical Heart DIY

October 2, 2013

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate our house. So many great ways to give your house a fun and festive look. Even better when you can make a great DIY decoration.

Last year, I made a piece of art for Halloween and actually kept it up all year long because I loved how it came out. There is just something fun about the anatomical look for Halloween. I wanted to incorporate that look with a fun twist so I came up with this Anatomical Heart DIY Wood Transfer. Guess what? You can make it too!


All you need is a:

piece of untreated wood, a ink jet printer, wax paper, and  a credit card 


To find a good image, I just googled Anatomical Heart and imported it into Pages on my Mac, if you have a PC, I’m sure you can put it in a word document or photoshop. Now, this is important!

*Make sure you reverse the image, so that it will print backwards!!!*

Next, tape a piece of wax paper to a piece of regular computer paper and load it into your ink jet printer so that the image will print on the wax paper.

Before you print, you will need to wet your piece of wood. You want it damp enough to be able to absorb the ink but not soaking to where the ink runs. I used a washcloth to wet the wood and to also wipe away extra water. You will need to work fast after you wet your piece of wood because you don’t want the wood to dry too much before you can place your ink transfer down on the wood.

Print your backward image onto the piece of wax paper. Be gentle when you move it because the wax paper allows the ink to sit on top of the paper. If you touch it, the ink will smudge. The image will look lighter after it prints. This is normal.

AnHeart3Gently, place the image face down on the piece of wood. Be careful not to move the page once it is down. Take your credit card or any other plastic card, I used my Anthro card, and gently smooth the piece of paper over the wood. I did this several times making sure the paper didn’t shift while “ironing” the image onto the wood.

Gently lift the the piece of paper off the wood and you should see your image imprinted on the wood. The wood will still be a little damp and the ink might still smudge but it will dry. And ta-da, you have a great new piece of Halloween art!


Love and Hope, Em

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