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At Home with Flourish and Hope

January 26, 2015

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Design and Inspired - Life - So Stylish

January Favorites

January 21, 2015


 January Favorites

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Life - Make it Girl-DIY!

Pesto Zuccini Pasta

January 20, 2015


 Pesto Zuccini “Pasta”

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Brendan and Cassie’s Engagement

January 19, 2015


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Who is Mallory Rose?

January 13, 2015




I am Mallory Rose.

Confused? Well let’s start here.

Guess what? I have an update for you!

This year, I found my birth grandparents, or I should say they found me. I am sorry it has taken so long to share this part, but I needed time to process and life was a little busy. But I do have so much to share.

If you read Part 1 of my story, I left off explaining about the letter I sent to my birth mom. About a year went by, life moved on, Andy and I moved home and settled back into normal life. I would think about the letter often but figured that it had been lost, and I prayed that when the time was right, God would settle my heart.

I don’t remember the day, I wish I had written it down, but I walked into my office, sat down, turned on my computer and checked my personal email. For some reason, I checked my personal email. I never do that first thing at work. NEVER. And there is was….

“Emilie, we are your birth grandparents”

My heart stopped. I scanned and reread about 4 times, I then called my co-worker in to read the email just to make sure I was reading it right. I started to cry, what do I write back, which questions do I ask first, what, what, what…

I immediately called Andy, my husband, and tried to convey what was going on. The email I had been waiting for, for a year and a half had come and I had no idea what to do next.

I don’t want to rush the story, there is so much to tell, but there is also a level of privacy I want to keep. God answered a prayer. He heard my heart and connected me to a part of my past that I desperately needed to feel. But I know He is still working in a way that I am learning to understand.

What I do want to share with you is that I have now established an amazing relationship with my grandparents. They are amazing, wonderful people.

I now know my complete story and my original name. Mallory Rose. It’s beautiful to me, just like God’s plan is.

I hope someday I am able to share more with you all, but please understand that I want to protect hearts and family. My birth mom is still precious to me and I pray for her all the time. She made such an amazing sacrifice and because of that, I have had more love shown for me than I deserve.

Family is amazing. It is more than blood. It is never ending flow of relationships based on love and acceptance. And to celebrate this concept I have gathered my favorite tee-shirts designs from Sevenly, who’s campaign this week is helping orphaned children. Check them out!


Emilie Casseday Photorgraphy - Life

love these little ones

July 8, 2014

I have been so fortunate to be able to pick my camera back up after some time off, and even more fortunate to have the pleasure of taking pictures of our niece and nephew. Andy’s sister just had her third child, so now we have three little ones to take pictures of and play with.

My favorite is when they jump on Andy; so much fun! Man do we love these little ones!

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Emilie Casseday Photorgraphy - Life

bubbles and hula hoops

July 1, 2014

I think that I may never photograph anyone else but kids. They aren’t shy, they laugh, run, play, and use their imagination more than anyone else. When my friend asked if I would take pictures of her daughters, I immediately said yes.

It was one of the most fun photo shoots I have ever had. Love these girls, and they are so beautiful, not to mention so much fun. I would love to be their age again just for a minute! We brought bubbles and hula hoops to just to make it a little more fun, but I don’t think we needed them. They made the shoot just being themselves.

I couldn’t pick a favorite or even a couple favorites from our shoot, so here are A LOT of my favorites!

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Emilie Casseday Photorgraphy - Life

Brad and Charlotte and Baby Makes Three

March 10, 2014

Ethan Wally Callaway

I am so excited for these two people! Brad and Charlotte have been good friends of ours for a couple of years. We have spent many a night playing games, drinking beer and laughing. They have been one of our only couple friends that have held out on the baby train… until now!

Since moving back home, it has been amazing catching up with them, enjoying them and of course celebrating their new little one on the way. I has so honored that they asked me to take some of their maternity photos. I am embarrassed to say that I am a little late to the party in sharing a sneak peek from our time together. Their little boy, Ethan, has now graced us with his presence (this past week), and we can’t wait to meet him.

Brad and Charlotte, again, congratulations; we love you dearly!

BCBaby1fh BCBaby6fh BCBaby14fh BradCharFH1 BradCharFH3 BradCharFH2


Brad and Charlotte and Baby Makes Three

Faith and Hope - Life

finding the balance

January 28, 2014

This post is hard to write.

Partly because I’m sharing some pretty uncomfortable things for me, and partly because I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, but I really feel led to share.

I am taking a sabbatical from my precious space here on Flourish and Hope.

When I set out to write and share about life, style, design and faith, one of my biggest objectives was encouraging others to flourish where they are and to hope above all things! Lately, my life, has been so chaotic, I feel like I am not flourishing and sometimes the hope that I have is to just get through the day without crashing into bed at night exhausted from the day.

I have felt guilty, anxious, sad and unbalanced about my time that I have not had with my blog. It became more about getting an amazing post together so that people would read it than about what truly mattered. I began to sacrifice my time with Andy, family, and friends to work on F&H. I pulled away from doing to my quite time with the Lord so that I could write a post that someone may or may not read. I have felt unauthentic, weak and uninspired. When my numbers of readers dropped, I became angry and even wondered if I should quit my day job to devote more time to F&H. My focus became skewed and I realized that I didn’t like who I was becoming and certainly didn’t want my blog to morph into something I didn’t believe in.

I love this blog. It is my creative space. My chance to share what I love and inspire others! But if I can’t stand behind the reasons why I do it, then I shouldn’t be writing.

So, this is where I have come to. I am taking 30 days off from F&H and instead of the time I would spend on writing, editing, designing and more for F&H, I am going to spend it with the Lord. To let Him direct my path, my focus and show me where it is He wants me to go.

I’m hoping he will bring me back to F&H, that this is where he eventually wants me to end up. But I know I have to trust him.

It’s really scary to abandon what you love to find out what it is you really need.

Now to add some humor to this post, I’m embarrassingly going to show you how we have been living. We currently live with Andy’s parents while we decided on where to live next…. hopefully this next step will be apart of some exciting blog news! We still have renters in the home we own, so we are debating whether to move back in, in October, buy a new house or build!

So until then, we have currently downsized again to Andy’s old high school bedroom and we are trying to not bust out of 100 square feet with all our stuff!  Between working full time jobs, going to Crossfit 3 times a week, design work and spending time with our friends and family, we are still trying to find the balance in our lives. Now you will see the causalities of our circumstances.

But I refuse to only show the good in our lives. I do not want to foster false impressions. I am human, I struggle and in the midst of trying to obtain a stylish life, I fail in so many ways. May you embrace your failures to so that you can Him work in you!

Oh my gosh, this is so bad. It’s like the Monster at the End of this Book… please don’t turn the page…

FTB1 FTB2 FTB3 FTB4 FTB5 FTB8 FTB9 FTB10 FTB11The lampshade is even crooked… I’m so embarrassed. Please give me grace!

Friends! I love you dearly. I hope to see you in 30 days. Love, love, love you.

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our year in review

January 22, 2014

We were so late getting our cards out this year… in fact we still have some sitting waiting for addresses.

I am so embarrassed. 

But you know what, it’s ok! The fact that I get up each morning and remember to shower, get dressed, and show up for the day is nothing short a miracle these past few weeks.

We have had such a big year and I am so sorry if I missed getting a card out to you! We “lost” our address book in the move and if we have forgotten you, please know that we didn’t mean to! We love you all so dearly!

But in case you were one of the few we didn’t actually pen a card to, or your card got lost in the mail, or the fact that it is still waiting for a stamp or you just can’t wait till yours come to you, I thought I would share this year’s Christmas-that became our New Years Card!

We have so much to share, make sure you check it out below!

Love you all!


* Card designed by Flourish and Hope with family graphic from My Little Buffalo

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