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Love Your Skin

February 11, 2015

SkinDeepFH1Love Your Skin

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planning in style

January 15, 2014

So long Lisa Frank trapper keeper.

Although, who doesn’t love kitties, rainbows, and unicorns thrown up on a brightly colored binder, but now as a grown up, I want something a little bit more… stylish.

With a new year, comes a new planner and calendar! I almost get as excited for this time of year as much as I get excited for Christmas.

Bring on the planning.

Since starting Flourish and Hope, my design business and going back to work full time here in Colorado, I currently work in HR for an oil company, I find myself getting lost in the days. I need a planner that will help me stay on track for everything I do, even better if it looks like the BA (bad ass) I need it to be, lots of space to write, jot, note take, and of course plan.

I can’t get enough of  cute calendars either. I may be the person who hangs one up in every room! I can’t tell you how many times I’m in the bathroom getting ready needing to know what day it is. I’m the person who always keeps asking what day it is even if you just told me 5 mins ago.

I have gathered my favorite planners and calendars for this year. Including my favs…. may you never forget what day it is ever! And if you still have to ask, I’m right there with you!






Here’s to you planning in style this year!

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Glass Etching Continued

October 10, 2013

I seriously can’t get enough of glass etching. If one were to have a problem with a certain craft, then yes, I am the first to admit I have a problem. I literally want to etch every surface of glass that I own.


I thought I would share another glass etching project with you all. You can see my jar tutorial here, but today I am sharing how I used glass etching to make a little mirror fancier and gave a frame a facelift.


Glass Etching Cream and a brush

Adhesive stencils

Anything Glass… literally anything.

Here’s what I used:


Make sure you glass surfaces are clean and dust free. Apply the stencils and “iron” them down so there are no bubbles. This is important. Next spread the etching cream on the stencil making sure it is evenly coated.

GlassEtching3 GlassEtching4Wait about 20 minutes for the cream to effectively work and then thoroughly wash it off. Make sure you do not get it on your skin! If you do, wash it off immediately.

Now enjoy your new designs!

GlassEtching5 GlassEtching6 GlassEtching7

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Handmade Style

August 13, 2013

There is something special about handmade. Not just for the artist but for the consumer as well. You know the item you have isn’t just special because you love it but because it was created by someone so talented. Most times, when you buy handmade you can actually speak and connect with the artist directly and appreciate the product you have.

In my former job, I was immersed in the handmade community and loved every minute of it. I discovered unique and amazing products along with talented artists that create these pieces. As an avid DIY-er and now a handmade shop owner as well, I understand the time and effort behind each item. It is truly magical.

I have decided to share some of my favorite handmade items that I just can’t get enough of. I hope you stop by each of these shops and spend awhile. These artists are extremely talented and well versed in their crafts. I like to think that handmade style makes the world go round. Let’s keep on spinning!

TrustintheLordEle Handmade makes the sweetest shoes and they come all the way from Italy. I love every pair, especially the ones with the tassels.

TrustintheLordFleet Collection dresses are the perfect mix of sweet and whimsical.

TrustintheLordI love Zelma Rose Necklaces. Everything about them. I wear mine all the time and constantly get compliments. You should get one too!


I can’t get enough of this artist, Emily Martin and her shop The Black Apple. There is something so beautifully haunting about her work.

TrustintheLordThese coasters are speaking my language. The colors, shapes and the fact that I can put my drink anywhere with these guys. Love The Coastal.

TrustintheLordAnd finally, these lovely little pillows. Bright, cheerful and straight to the point. Alexandra Ferguson is amazing!

Handmade - Interior Love - Make it Girl-DIY!

Handmade in the Home

June 25, 2013

I’m a DIY Junkie. If there was a support group, I’m sure I should be going to it. I have fabric, paper, paint, brushes, etc… stashed away in a cabinet, under tables and everywhere in between. Living in less than 800 square feet, I have had to be creative about where all my DIY supplies go. But needless to say, they are perfectly on hand when the creative juices get going.

Since moving into our sweet little DC apartment, I have gotten extremely bitten by the DIY bug. Through my former job, I began to really appreciate the artistry of handmade and just couldn’t get enough of making unique pieces that I could have in our home. Here are some of my favorites.


For a simple pin board, I covered a cork board square with a plain canvas fabric and used handmade pushpins from Antropologie. It’s the perfect size for above my desk.

With a different piece of cork board and with some more of the same canvas material, I took my love of Ireland and made it into a piece of string art.


With sewing straight pins, some thread and lace tape, I made a string map of Ireland with a heart over the city where I used to live in.

One of my favorite mediums to work with is cardboard. There are literally countless ways to up-cycle cardboard into amazing handmade goods. Like:


A hanging wall frame that you can change out the photos in whenever you choose. I covered two pieces of card board with fabric, glued them together and used velvet ribbon to allow it to hang on the wall. With no glass in the frame, I can change out my photos easily.


I didn’t make these next two. They were made for us by a sweet friend in West Virginia. I love how she stamped our names onto them.


I love to read and one of my favorite ways to decorate is using books but I could never find bookends that I absolutely loved, so I decided to make some of my own.



I went to a hardware store and found some wooden shelving sconces, primer and paint and painted them to make them perfect bookends for what I wanted.


Made from scrapbook paper and an app on a website (which is not longer available, so sorry), I was able to maker my own vision chart that has our names and wedding date. Instant art done in less that 30 seconds.

I use a lot of fabric for DIYs around our apartment and used some leftover fabric to make a hanging wall saying for our bathroom just using fabric, felt and ribbon.


What have you made recently? Any good ideas?



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