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March 19, 2014

Two of my favorite things in one post: Interior Design and Ikea.

With our moving day fast approaching (holy cow, we can’t wait), we decided to make the trip down to our Ikea. We just couldn’t wait any longer. We love Ikea like it is our job. While we were able to have some restraint with our purchasing, there were some items we just couldn’t pass up.

With our new house, we are wanting to incorporate our old furniture but with a more updated classy look.

Here is what our living room looked like in DC, to see our whole apartment, check out this post here.

B&WIkea3With our new living room, I’m thinking that more black and white accent pieces with vibrant pops of color will make our space just awesome. I’m loving the elegant look of the black and white with gold, pink, and green accents. Love, Love!


(image sources here)

So with these plans in mind… Ikea was a gold mine for some wonderful black and white pieces for our house. Here are some of my favorites from our trip; some of these did make it home with us… but you will have to wait and see which ones.

W&BIkea1. I have loved and wanted this pitcher every time I go into Ikea. It’s seems perfect for any style or design.

2. I haven’t been a fan of black rugs but the design on this round rug is super fun.

3. This lamp is just perfect. Absolutely perfect.

 4. Simple yet classy, this end table is so cute.

5. Love this blanket!

6. Yes, always yes. This glass cabinet is wonderful.

7. This clock is just needing to be on my wall. We are going to a classic look to our kitchen and yes, this is perfect.

8. This pillow is amazing, and there is a rug to match.

9. These boxes are great for the kitchen, living room, bathroom… I could go on.


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